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My most recent vintage crime reading, with links to my reviews:

R.A.J. Walling’s The Corpse with the Dirty Face (1936) - a thoroughly enjoyable example of the English golden age detective story.

Arthur W. Upfield's Wings Above the Diamantina (1936) - has a wonderfully offbeat and exotic setting, an unusual detective, an intriguing setup and a classic golden age plot with ample quantities of twists and turns and red herrings.

Hake Talbot’s Rim of the Pit (1944) - one of the very best examples of the impossible crime story.

Erle Stanley Gardner’s The Case of the Baited Hook (1940) - a fine example of the qualities that made Gardner one of the bestselling authors of all time.

John Bude's The Sussex Downs Murder (1936) - there are no country houses or landed gentry in this novel but it's a thoroughly enjoyable mystery.

A.E.W. Mason's The House of the Arrow (1924) - the second of the Inspector Hanaud novels, and it's splendid entertainment.

R. Austin Freeman's A Silent Witness (1914) - not as good as his best work but contains most of the characteristic Freeman features.
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My recent vintage crime reading:

Christopher Bush's The Case of the Tudor Queen - surprisingly good 1938 murder mystery, rather in the Freeman Wills Crofts style.

Anthony Berkeley's The Poisoned Chocolates Case - golden age detective fiction at its wittiest and most inventive. Published in 1929.

Erle Stanley Gardner’s pulp fiction - before creating Perry Mason Gardner wrote some fine hardboiled pulp crime fiction.

Rex Stout’s The Red Box - a 1937 Nero Wolfe mystery. Great fun.

Mickey Spillane’s Kiss Me, Deadly - better than the overrated and pompous film version.

John Dickson Carr’s The Department of Queer Complaints - Colonel March of Scotland Yard investigates cases too weird for ordinary detectives to solve.

Rufus King’s Murder on the Yacht - published in 1932, another of King's delightful maritime mysteries.


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